Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Disco

The year is 1983 and WHAM! makes this performance in Germany. More funky than and just as classy as Kraftwerk....... Clap clap!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Last Thursday was the big Turkey day - Thanksgiving. I celebrated at Nancy's sister's house in Waizata, just next to a long lake. The nature around reminds me of central Sweden, or Värmland, really cool :) The weather was extremely warm, +15 C, everyone being amazed, cause they usually shuffle snow at Thanksgiving.... We had around 15 people over, mostly Americans, but also a guy from Libya. There was the prayer, the turkey, the mashed sweet potatoes, pistache salad with marshmallows :$ and lots of wine. I had a bottle of Torres from Catalunya, making me miss Barcelona even more. The food was very good, as expected, but that marshmallow sallad.... was a new taste to me.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is called the Black Friday. This is a major sales day and some of the stores open already at 4 am. Since I thought that would be too early, I went there at 5 am instead. I didn't know before, that you could make Americans line up in a queue, but you really can. As long as you put really necessary crap on sale, it's a piece of cake. I found myself purchasing a minnesota vikings football jersey. And the dollar is still getting cheaper.... OH MY, OH MY.......


Bob & wine

Natascha & Boris (almost)

From left: Nancy, not Nancy, Nancys sister....

Bob and wine again, the perfect combination....

Black Friday - extremely long line, 5 am

Rush for crappy portable dvd-players

Chillin' pig

Minnesota vikings dude!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


My first long weekend in the States - Today I am invited to a Thanksgiving dinner (actually two). I wonder how big the turkey will be? The Canadians gave thanks in October. Wonder how big Tigas turkey was?

I win

Like if there were an alternative to the WineScan when it comes to wine tasting: Borat... Has anyone seen the movie yet?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pen'n'Paper music

Check out the new video made for minilogue by kristofer ström at ljudbilden, using a whiteboard. This is where Moomin's at Today, doing the dj business....... Respect!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shopping big time

Today's attraction was the Mall of America, the largest mall in this over-sized country, which I explored together with one of my Danish colleagues visiting this distant office of ours. In numbers, this mall counts for 40 million visitors per year, 390.000 m2 gross area, 520 stores, 12.000 employees and 20.000 parking lots, as well as a theme park with two rollercoasters (yes, indoors). The most Danish element is the Lego store, although testing one of the red iPod nanos in the Apple store, someone had changed the menu language to Danish. It was not my colleague, which was really, really strange... The most Swedish element - the one and only IKEA. I like! We rounded off by dining at a family restaurant with a very specific theme - hooters. If you're just after the food, go anywhere else...

Big balls at Mall of America

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Catch up: Valencia

I believe, it has been some time now :) I will try to catch up on the reporting. I am now officially in the States, but more on that later. Let's start with some pictures from Valencia, right?! Before the hectic time, Patryk and I took off to the semi-Catalan south. The city is really neat and clean and I can do nothing less than recommend it. If you don't mind experiencing nice architecture, an nationalistic political performance, good weather, enjoying the night on the beach lying on a dozen of deckchairs, not sleeping at all, having a two-hour breakfast in a small café while your pal is sleeping on the table, exploring Roman ruins and trying to sleep on the train surrounded by thirty kids, you should definitely do it! Patryk, I hope you are recovering from the Portuguese adventure :) Cheers!

Goodbye-fiesta for the office, the Barbarian is leaving for now

Valencia - Patryk enjoys(?) Paella Valenciana y mucho, mucho vino. They have good icecream in the creamery in the background

The weather was great for touristing, and so we did

Even here mr. president is popular. Borat?

From above

Valencia skyline

Side B, pretty good solution having the garage underground


If you wanna be rich.......

Panaderia. They don't have that in Eden Prairie.......

Spanish squirrel, oh so beautiful! Almost like the Danish.......

Roman ruins


Yo, Patryk y Pere before leaving for USA/Portugal/studies for this time around :) Pere, we should have it at your place the next time!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006